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About ATEB

Association of traders with energy in Bulgaria

ATEB is a non-profit organization bringing together leading energy trading companies in Bulgaria.

The Association of traders with energy in Bulgaria /ATEB/ was founded in 2006 with the main purpose to incorporate the efforts of the licensed electricity traders in Bulgaria when solving problems related to the liberalized electricity market in the country.

The main mission of ATEB is to promote and facilitate the development of competitive electricity and natural gas markets in Bulgaria, to create and establish modern economic relationships in the energy field as well as to refine the market infrastructure and to improve the principles and the mechanisms of the legal framework in the country, which regulates the business relations in the energy sector.

The new annual almanac of the Bulgarian energy industry, Energy Info BG

The annual Bulgarian energy almanac Energy Info BG 2023 has been published. What is new in it are up-to-date expert opinions of leading analysts and specialists in the energy sector in our country. They discuss for the users of the publication the challenges facing the energy...


RE-Source Southeast Conference 2023

RE-Source Southeast is the go to event for corporate sourcing of renewable energy in the SEE region! While self-consumption and on-site generation is still the prevailing choice for SEE corporates, the PPA market has the potential to catch up fast, as first deals have already...