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About ATEB

Association of traders with electricity in Bulgaria

ATEB is a non-profit organization bringing together leading energy trading companies in Bulgaria.

The Association of traders with electricity in Bulgaria /ATEB/ was founded in 2006 with the main purpose to incorporate the efforts of the licensed electricity traders in Bulgaria when solving problems related to the liberalized electricity market in the country.

The main mission of ATEB is to promote and facilitate the development of competitive electricity market in Bulgaria, to create and establish modern economic relationships in the energy field as well as to refine the market infrastructure and to improve the principles and the mechanisms of the legal framework in the country, which regulates the business relations in the energy filed.

EWRC approved the new ETR

EWRC published meeting minutes of a closed Commission’s meeting at which the final texts of Electricity trading rules (ETR) were approved. The changes will come into force after their announcement in а State Gazette. Some of the more important points are: The definition of...


Speakers from ATEB participated in a number of workshops over the past year

Over the past year, representatives of the Association of Traders with Electricity in Bulgaria (ATEB) have participated as speakers in a number of workshops. Due to the active partnership between ATEB and Utilities Magazine and the Faculty of Economics of Sofia University, ATEB...