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Hellenic Association of Energy Trading & Supply Companies

The Hellenic Association of Energy Trading & Supply Companies (ESPIE) was established aiming to contribute to the development and strengthening of collective dialogue in the Greek electricity market. Its members have a deep knowledge of the electricity markets at both a national, regional and European level, from production (conventional and renewables) to the final sale to consumers. ESEPIE aims to achieve an honest and constructive cooperation with other organizations, authorities and all market institutions, so that the electricity sector can actively contribute to economic growth.

European Federation of Energy Traders

European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) is an industry association for wholesale energy market participants, who are engaged in all or parts of the energy value chain such as production, energy trading, portfolio management, risk management, supply, consumption, finance, etc. EFET promotes and facilitates European energy trading in open, transparent, sustainable and liquid wholesale markets, unhindered by national borders or other undue obstacles. Promoting and facilitating includes the elaboration of recommendations to energy policymakers and regulators, training and education, and the development of contract and data exchange standards