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Alpiq Energia Bulgaria EOOD

Alpiq is a leading Swiss electricity and energy services provider with a European focus. The company is active in electricity production, as well as energy trading and sales. Alpiq has a diversified, highly flexible production portfolio with an installed power plant capacity of approximately 6,400 megawatts. The company is operating in more than 20 European countries and plays a leading role in the cross-border electricity trading in Central and Eastern European countries.

Arcadia Service AD

The company operates in the free market of electric energy in Bulgaria since its establishment in 2005, through its 49% share in the first trading company involved in the electric energy market. Thanks to the experience of the staff and the excellent reputation of the owners of our company in the energy sector in Bulgaria and Europe, the company recorded excellent results at the start of its participation in the free market of electric energy, both in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula. The main objective and mission of Arkadia Service EOOD is to fully meet the requirements and challenges of liberalized energy market in Bulgaria and the region.

GEN–I Sofia Electricity Trading and Sales

We are a forward-thinking global player in the Central and Southeastern European energy markets with intimate knowledge of local markets. We create new business opportunities in electricity trading and procurement, creating added value for partners through high-quality business solutions. The energy industry is undergoing significant restructuring, and our aim is to be a stable partner in turbulent times.

Danske Commodities A/S

Danske Commodities is an international energy trading and services company founded in 2004 and based in Aarhus, Denmark. The company operates in more than 30 countries around Europe, creating new opportunities in every market. Danske Commodities combines trading expertise, intelligent data and unparalleled Europe-wide market access, and provides customers with energy trading-related services such as asset management, consumption management, balancing- and risk management – often via customer-tailored products.

EVN Trading South East Europe EAD

EVN Trading South East Europe (EVN TSEE) is an active electricity trader in South East Europe since 2008. EVN TSEE has trading licenses in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Greece and Hungary. The company is a member of the Romanian Power Exchange (OPCOM), Hungarian (HUPX) and the Greek electricity exchange. EVN TSEE is involved in both wholesale and retail power trading. Company trading activities include: supply of electricity to end customers in Bulgaria and in the region; balancing market participation; trading on the power exchanges; OTC (Over the counter trading); participation in the tenders of power producers and distribution companies in the region; participation in the cross-border capacity auctions. The company is trading also with CO2 emission certificates.

Edison Trading S.p.A.

Edison was Italy’s first electric utility and one of the oldest energy companies in the world. Nowadays, Edison is one of the main operators in Italy in the energy market with activities in the supply, production and sale of electricity and hydrocarbons. Edison Trading Spa, a wholly owned subsidiary of Edison Spa, is responsible for the Group’s Energy Management activities. These activities range from maximizing the value of the Group’s merchant facilities, by optimizing power plant production, to identifying and executing, on major Wholesale Markets and Power Exchanges in Europe, buy and sell transactions involving power and environmental securities, by means of physical contracts or financial instruments, both for trading and hedging purposes.

El Bonus EOOD

El Bonus EOOD is a licensed trader of electricity with rights and obligations to be a coordinator of standard and combined balancing groups, owning a trading license № Л-484-15/ 16.03.2017 issued by the Energy and water regulatory commission. The company is established in 2005 and since 2016 its main activity is electricity trading. El Bonus EOOD is operating on the Bulgarian market by provides energy trading services in the whole country. The main mission of the company is to maintain high professionalism while performing its activities on the open market and to satisfy the interests of their clients.

Enel Trade S.p.A.

Enel is a multi-national power company and a leading integrated player in the world’s power and gas markets, with a particular focus on Europe and Latin America. The Group operates in more than 30 countries across 4 continents, generating power from over 96 GW of net installed capacity and distributing electricity and gas through a network spanning around 1.9 million km. Enel, with its 61 million end users worldwide, has the largest customer base among its European peers and is among the leading power companies in Europe in terms of installed capacity and reported EBITDA.

Energeo EOOD

ENERGEO Ltd. has been active since 2004 by developing its activities in key areas of the Bulgarian industry. The company specializes in electricity markets, engineering solutions and environmental protection. Our team consists of specialists with high qualifications and extensive experience, which guarantees the quality of the services we provide. We rely on long-term partnership through the implementation of customer-oriented approach and professional expertise of the highest quality.

Energoproekt Utilities OOD

The energy company “Energoproekt Utilities” OOD is founded in 2011, as a daughter company of the largest public holding in Bulgaria – “Himimport” AD holding. The company is a coordinator of a standard balancing group and owns a license for trading with electrical energy. “Energoproekt Utilities” OOD is a leading electricity supplier for the small and medium enterprises in Bulgaria. The main mission of the company is the complete liberalization of the electricity market and the supply of quick and easy access to energy on affordable price for the small and medium enterprises. The company has a qualified team of experts in the energy field, which ensures the clients reliability, security and resilience of electricity deliveries. Our long term financial schemes and payment opportunities facilitate and guarantee the successful business of our clients.

Energy Market JSC

Energy Market JSC operates actively on the liberalized electricity market in Bulgaria since 2005. The company is licensed by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) in accordance with the Bulgarian Energy Law. Since our establishment we have gained the trust of more than 120 clients and partners in Bulgaria and the region. Our mission is to always give the adequate answers and face the challenges of the open electricity market in Bulgaria and the region. We want to provide our customers with the best solutions according to the requirements of the domestic energy market. Our main goal is to sustain high level of professionalism of services while looking after the best interests of our clients and suppliers.

Energy MT EAD

Energy MT is a trader of electricity and coordinator of standard and combined balancing groups. Due to its extensive experience on the open market, the company offers its customers efficient and flexible solutions tailored to their needs. The company activities include delivery of electric energy to consumers in Bulgaria, balancing services for consumers and producers, including renewable energy producers and high efficiency combined cycle producers, wholesale trade of electricity in Bulgaria and SEE.

Energo-Pro Trading EAD

Energo-Pro Trading JSC as part of Energo-Pro Group shall unite, coordinate and develop the whole Group’s trading activities in Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania and Hungary. The company was established in 2011 and licensed by the Bulgarian Energy Regulator and just in a few years since its establishment managed to cover most of the major regional market in SEE and became one of the most reliable and trusted companies on the energy market. At present the company is active on Bulgarian, Hungarian and Romanian markets and through its subsidiaries on Turkish market.
Energo-Pro Trading JSC is actively investing in its employees and software products to further increase company’s financial results and contribute to the work of the other companies, part of the Group, while satisfying the energy demand and serving the needs of an actively developing region.

EFT Bulgaria EAD

EFT was formed in 2000 to exploit considerable market inefficiencies that existed in south-east Europe. The EFT Group is a unique European energy trading and investment concern, with a principal operating focus on the countries of central and south-east Europe, but now extended also to the Baltics and Turkey. EFT continues to be the pioneer trader and innovator in its chosen territory, leading the development of a south-east European electricity market through its trading and investment in new electricity production facilities.

Limak Energy Europe

As Limak Energy, we are one of the major players’ in Turkish energy market with our vertically integrated business model. In our grid business (electricity distribution), we are serving more than 10 million end-users by selling ca. 50 TWh electricity per year in 4 separate distribution regions. In addition, we are an active player in generation business, owning and operating 1 200 MW CCGT, 1 000 MW hydro’s mainly with big reservoirs and 1 050 MW coal fired power plant (lignite) in Turkey. Our trading arm, Limak Energy Trading (LET) is trading 10 TWh/year electricity with active national and international trading companies in Turkey. LET also imports/exports electricity at Bulgarian and Greek borders and selling ca. 2.0 TWh electricity per year to big key account customers operating in different sectors within Turkey, providing ultimately a stable and diversified customer base.

Zagora Energy EOOD

Zagora Energy EOOD is a daughter company of “Holding Zagora” OOD with main activity “trading with electrical energy”. According to its statute from 28.09.2007 the mission of Zagora Energy is to meet the energy demands of its customers by: consulting and cooperation on issues related to registration of the open market; competitive and stable prices; security of electricity supply; transparent and loyal relationships.

CEZ Trade Bulgaria EAD

CEZ Trade Bulgaria EAD is a licensed electricity trader in Bulgaria since 2005. The company is 100% owned by the CEZ Group, a leading energy company in Central and Eastern Europe. It supplies energy to large industrial clients and ensures a reliable supply for its business clients by providing energy balancing services and active participation on the wholesale electricity market.

Statkraft Markets GmbH

Statkraft is a major player in the international markets where energy and energy-related products are bought and sold. Energy market prices tend to fluctuate and can be affected by many different factors. Our job is to know exactly when to buy or sell a product, and we analyze enormous amounts of data to understand the market mechanisms. We work for a wide range of clients; from small producers selling energy from own power plants, to major industrial companies looking for large and steady supplies of energy, to power distributors looking for vendors.

Energy Power OOD
Kimpex Energy AD