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About ATEB

Association of traders with electricity in Bulgaria

ATEB is a non-profit organization bringing together leading energy trading companies in Bulgaria.

The Association of traders with electricity in Bulgaria /ATEB/ was founded in 2006 with the main purpose to incorporate the efforts of the licensed electricity traders in Bulgaria when solving problems related to the liberalized electricity market in the country.

The main mission of ATEB is to promote and facilitate the development of competitive electricity market in Bulgaria, to create and establish modern economic relationships in the energy field as well as to refine the market infrastructure and to improve the principles and the mechanisms of the legal framework in the country, which regulates the business relations in the energy filed.

Тhe new regulated prices proposed by EWRC

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) published its draft decision for regulated prices in the Electricity sector for the period 01.07.2021 / 30.06.2022. The authors of the project from the EWRC working group state that “at present there is no data from the platforms...



The preparation of the new edition of ENERGY INFO BG 2021 – the catalog of companies providing energy products and services in Bulgaria – is in full swing. The leading Bulgarian media house for professional technical periodicals TLL Media is publishing the almanac...