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Membership in the Association of traders with energy in Bulgaria could be obtained by energy trading companies, which support the development of competitive energy market and help the improvement of the market infrastructure as well as the improvement of the principles and mechanisms of the current legal framework.

The candidates for membership should fill in and/or present the following documents:

  1. Membership application (template) – original.
  2. Document proving the legal representative of the company (Power of Attorney, Extract from the commercial register or other) – certified copy
  3. Copy of the license for electricity or natural gas trading, owned by the company – certified copy.
  4. Letter of appointment by the legal representative assigning a person as a company’s representative in the Association.
  5. Declaration (template), that the company meets the requirements of the Association for membership – original

Every candidate application is individually reviewed by the Management Board of ATEB. Formal membership is obtained only after the decision of the Management Board and the payment of the membership fee.